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In Memory - Palestinian Artists Group Exhibition in Ramallah

In Memory is a group exhibition featuring paintings by Abed Abedi, Fayez Sersawi, Nabil Anani, Suleiman Mansour, Tayseer Barakat, Kareem Dabbah and Shafiq Radwan. The exhibition also includes rare works by the late ceramicist and painter, Isam Bader. The exhibition runs from 7 – 14 June from 12.00 – 7.00pm daily.

Ramallah, Palestine, 9 June 2014: In spite of continued political uncertainty and economic insecurity in the occupied Palestinian territory, the fledgling contemporary art market is growing rapidly. Purchasing art is becoming fashionable and new commercial art galleries are being launched too.
Ziad Anani, founder of the newly opened Zawyeh Gallery in Ramallah which launched a new group exhibition this week, says: “This is the fourth exhibition to be held at Zawyeh Gallery since we launched in December 2013 and it is really a direct response to the growing interest for high quality modern art from Palestine.”

“Manifestations of Letter" - Text in Contemporary Palestinian Art

Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery Opens Exhibition under the Title: “Manifestations of Letter" - Text in Contemporary Palestinian Art

The Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Manifestations of Letter: Text in Contemporary Palestinian Art,” on March 22. The exhibition, which will continue until May 24, 2014, will include works of art by a wide spectrum of Palestinian artists from Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and inside the Green Line: Abed Abdi; Asad Azi; Anisa Ashkar; Basel el-Maqosui; Bashar Alhroub; Farid Abu Shakra; Khader Oshah; Majed Shala; May Murad; Nasrin Abu Baker; Ra'fat As'ad; Sharif Sarhan, and Tayseer Barakat, in addition to a joint project by the Egyptian photographer Adel Wassily and Maliha Maslamani. A number of Palestinian artists will be present at the exhibition opening, which will take place on March 22 at 13:00 at the Umm El-Fahem Gallery in Umm El-Fahem.

Abed Abdi's newest works of art

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