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Abed Abdi - An Artist - Phenomenon

by Samih Al Qasim

I am unable to address Abed Abdi’s catalogue from the purely technical and professional composition aspect. The historical profundity of Abdi’s  experience places him in the category of artist-phenomenon. As a consequence of his intellectual and spiritual accumulation of experiences and the interaction between them, it would be more appropriate for me to go beyond the conventional tools of critique. In the special case of Abdi, an artist who has been creating for fifty years on a journey of artistic work, struggle and artistic commitment in the face of a life filled with suffering, hardship and challenges, I shall attempt to reconstruct the harmony between his ideology and practice, the congruence between art and struggle in his overall conceptual fabric.

The Wandering Museum in the Works of Abed Abdi

by Amir A. Abdi

In 1962 my father held his first exhibition in Tel Aviv initiated by left-wing activists such as Gila Balas and her husband Shimon along with the poet Issam Al-Abassi and others. This event provided great cultural feedback as he was also elected to membership of the Artists Committee. He was twenty years old at the time and was the youngest and the first Arab artist to become a member of the committee.

Tal Ben Zvi: Abed Abdi - "Wa ma nasina"

"Wa ma nasaina" (“We have not forgotten”) exhibition is a personal journey in time, memory andhistory of Palestinians, which constituting an integral part of the life of artist Abed Abdi, who was bornin Haifa.


The exhibition contains paintings and lithographies which were published as photographic copies for 20 years, starting at the end of the 1960s, in Al Ittihad newspaper, Al Jadid literary magazine,on the covers of books, and as illustrations inside books.

Meeting with Abed Abdi

 by Veronica Sartore

On January 31st the Palestinian artist Abed Abdi came to meet the children at school. Abed Abdi is a Palestinian painter, graphic designer, sculptor and lecturer of the arts, who currently works and lives in Haifa.

He often meets students all around the country, always bringing a series of his works with him and creating this way a ’travelling gallery’: “My purpose is to transform the classrooms into galleries, and to introduce the children into the world of art. It should be noted that generally most of the students have never met an artist; Arab children in particular have very few opportunities to come into contact with art, so the idea is that the galleries should come to the schools!”.

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