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One tragedy among hundreds of thousands

 By Carole Fink StarNews Media

 Historical crises always have a human face. Although we may have become numbed by the daily reports of violence from both sides of Syria's two-year-long civil war, it is certain that more than 70,000 civilians have perished and more than 700,000 have fled the country putting intense pressure on neighboring countries, stretching the resources of the United Nations, and arousing world public opinion on behalf of the victims.

Arab-Israeli in Haifa uses art to help Palestinian refugee sister

By and | Haaretz, Twilight Zone

The struggle to save Lutfia, an 84 year-old Palestinian refugee, is being conducted by her brother Abed Abdi, a respected Palestinian artist who resides in Haifa.

 A childhood memory documented in a photo: A little boy is holding his mother's hand; his four siblings stand alongside them. The place is a refugee camp near Damascus. The year is 1950. This is where the Abdi family eventually fled to after escaping from their home in Haifa, which had been captured by the Haganah during the War of Independence.

Abed Abdi and the Liberation Art of Palestine

By Samia Halabi

"Abed Abdi is a prolific artist, having produced a significant body of work that remains largely undocumented."

A Visit to Abed Abdi's Studio: Muses from the Wadi

By: Eli Armon Azulay, "Haaretz" newspaper (Hebrew edition), "Gallery" Section, 24.9.2010.

In his studio Abed Abdi, a leading Palestinian artist, is showing works of local residents. He also recalled wistfully his former neighbor, Emile Habibi.

The Work space of the artist Abed Abdi and his works are strongly tied to each other, and are connected to the city of Haifa where he was born and where he creates, and to the history of the Palestinian people.

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