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The Wandering Museum in the Works of Abed Abdi

by Amir A. Abdi In 1962 my father held his first exhibition in Tel Aviv initiated by left-wing activists such as Gila Balas and her husband Shimon along with the poet Issam Al-Abassi and others. This event provided great cultural feedback as he was also elected to membership of the Artists Committee. He was twenty...
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Meeting With Abed Abdi

 On January 31st the Palestinian artist Abed Abdi came to meet the children at school. Abed Abdi is a Palestinian painter, graphic designer, sculptor and lecturer of the arts, who currently works and lives in Haifa. He often meets students all around the country, always bringing a series of his works with him and creating this...
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Abed Abdi’s Art: 52 Years of Creation

 by Taleb Haj Abed Abdi is celebrating 50 years of artistic work this year, and is holding a special retrospective exhibition covering much of his art at the Um El Fahem Gallery. The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalog (in Hebrew, Arabic and English) that summarizes Abdi’s work.  On this special occasion, therefore, I ...
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يافا: مسرح السرايا العربي في “مسرحية الحادثة” – قضية شعب

غصت قاعة مسرح السرايا العربي في يافا بشكل يلفت النظر يوم 11   بالكثيرين من عشاق المسرح من يافا ,اللد , الرمله ,حيفا , القدس وغيرها الذين حضروا لمشاهدة العرض الاحتفالي لمسرحية  الكاتب المصري لينين الرملي على خشبة مسرح السرايا . من بين الضيوف الذين حضروا من خارج البلد  الكاتب سلمان ناطور الفنان عبد عابدي...
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Abed Abdi Retrospective: 50 Years of Creativity

Curator: Dr.Tal Ben Zvi Um El Fahem Gallery (Israel)Opening: 22 May 2010Opening remarks: Poet Samīħ al-Qāsim, Mr. Yona Lahav (Lord Mayor of Haifa) and Sheikh Khaled Hamdan (Lord Mayor of Um El Fahem)   The exhibition comprises illustrations, stone prints, and lithographs published over fifty years, from the 1960s to the present day. There is...
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معرض رسومات الفنان عبد عابدي

سهيل كيوان الثلاثاء, 06 حزيران 2006 افتتح مساء السبت الأخير معرض رسم للفنان عبد عابدي في قاعة العرض التابعة للبلدية في مدينة طمرة، وهو حصاد 45 عاما من الإبداع كما يقول البروفيسور أفنر جلعادي، وذلك.
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Joshua Sobol:Creating a Joint Creation

What can be said today about the events of the “Land Day”, that bitter day of the 30th March, 1976. I take the liberty of reiterating what I wrote a month before the “Land Day”, and published in the weekly “Chotam” of 27th February, 1976. “Just when a number of M.K.s of the ‘national league’...
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Gershon Knispel: The Answer (1976)

I have been asked again and again, why we made the monument to the “Land Day” at Sakhneen. In ancient times, people piled up cairns as monuments to preserve a site or to drive away evil spirits… And surely only evil spirits could force peasantry to leave their land, and only evil spirits could disturb...
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Memorial of Monuments to the Present

The peoples of the world have created, on their creative path of civilization, expressions for their conceptions of thought, in the form of symbols and rituals which were clearly expressed by the erection of temples, places of worship, obelisques and stone monuments. In the wake of the march of humanity, and in the course of...
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Samih Al-Qassim: Blood and Soil

From earth to earth! For hundreds of years, man has been repeating these words, which are full of equanimity and wisdom, and are within a religious, Sufi context. But for the peasant who is rooted in the soil of his land, this sentence is charged with a different connotation; here matter and soul meet in...
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