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06 DECEMBER 2021 - 15 FEBRUARY 2022

After the success of the first edition last year, Zawyeh Gallery launches 6 December 2021 the second edition of Ramallah Art Fair. This year the show is organized with wider participation amongst artists. The art fair includes over 150 artworks; some were created recently or produced specifically for the fair by over 30 Palestinian artists living in Palestine and the diaspora in addition to artists from the occupied Syrian Golan, an artist from Lebanon, and a Turkish artist. The artworks deal with different topics; some are stemmed from the Palestinian reality using a wide range of materials. One of the main features that the fair maintains this year is exhibiting the works of young artists, side by side works for prominent artists.

The main goal of the event is to provide original artworks at reasonable prices for new collectors to enjoy Palestinian art. The art fair is a rare opportunity that gives glimpses on the new art production mainly in Palestine and allows the audience to read into the new artistic paths and directions that new and prominent artists are embarking on these days.

Participating artists are Sliman Mansour, Nabil Anani, Abed Abdi, Khaled Hourani, Shada Safadi, Tayseer Barakat, Fouad Agbaria, Bashar Alhroub, Yazan Abu Salameh, Ibrahim Mozain, Shafik Radwan, Mahdi Baraghithi, Vera Tamari, Ahed Izhiman, Ahmad Canaan, Akram Al-Halabi, Alaa Attoun, Alaa Albaba, Asad Azi, Ayman Essa, Benji Boyadgian, Dima Hourani, Easam Darawshi, Mohamed Abusal, Nidal Morra, Reem Masri, Ruba Salameh, Saher Nassar, Taqi Spateen, Ikram Awidat, Rafat Asad, in addition to Stephanie Bou Chedid (Lebanon) and Cem Polat (Turkey).

The Art Fair opens daily from 11 am – 6 pm (except Fridays) until 15 February 2022.

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