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Al Omari Mosque Tiberias

Al Omari Mosque Tiberias

from the Hitorical Sites of Palestine series


Daher al-Omar (1689/90 – 21 August 1775) built “The Great Mosque Tiberias” in 1743 in Khan square in the heart of the old city of Tiberias. The al Omari Mosque was built with alternating white and black basalt stone, typical of the architectural style of Zahir’s building works, a white dome and a minaret. The mosque is named “al Omari Mosque” for Daher al-Omar himself. During the 18th and 19th centuries it was the most prominent building in the town and was often depicted in official pictures of Tiberias.

The abandoned al-Omari mosque of Tiberias stands in the shadows of numerous hotels, hidden behind a strip of bankrupt storefronts.

source: Shalom

The mosque has not been in use since the Palestinian inhabitants of Tiberias were forced to flee in April 1948.