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Kafr Qasim (1978)

TechnologyWood Engraving Print on fine thick paper
Limited Edition5 prints in total
Artwork Classification“Limited edition” - Original works created in multiple with direct involvement of the artist.
Size55 (H) × 40 (W) cm
Year(1978), 2021
Attributionsigned and numbered by Abed Abdi

Kafr Qasim (1978), 2021

مذبحة كفر قاسم (بالعبرية: טבח כפר קאסם) هي مجزرة نفذها حرس الحدود الإسرائيلي في 29 أكتوبر 1956 ضد مواطنين فلسطينيين عُزَّل في قرية كفر قاسم راح ضحيتها 49 مدنيًا عربيًا: منهم ثلاثة وعشرين طفلًا دون الثامنة عشر، حاولت حكومة إسرائيل بقيادة بن غوريون التستر على المجزرة ومنع نشرها.

The Kafr Qasim massacre took place in the Israeli Arab village of Kafr Qasim situated on the Green Line, at that time, the de facto border between Israel and the Jordanian West Bank on October 29, 1956. It was carried out by the Israel Border Police (Magav), who killed Arab civilians returning from work during a curfew of which they were unaware, imposed earlier in the day on the eve of the Sinai war.[1] In total 48 people died, of which 19 were men, 6 were women and 23 were children aged 8–17. Arab sources usually give the death toll as 49, as they include the unborn child of one of the women.[2]

source: Wikipedia

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