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Tel-Aviv Museum of Art Adds 2 Abed Abdi Artworks To Its Collection

2 important works of art by Abed Abdi were recently purchased for the collection of Tel Aviv Museum of Art, after voting by the museum’s Art Acquisition Group in September 2022. The special acquisition group had visited Abed Abdi in his studio in the spring of 2022, led by curator Dalit Matityahu from the museum....
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Abed Abdi Artworks To Be Exhibited at Ramallah Art Fair

Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of the third edition of Ramallah Art Fair on Monday, 12 December 2022, after the tremendous success of the previous two editions. In this edition, 40 Palestinian, Arab, and international artists will participate with more than 200 artworks that combine different artistic styles and are specially produced...
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Abed Abdi Artworks To Be Auctioned Off In Paris

We are pleased to announce the public auctioning of 3 artworks by Abed Abdi. One of the artworks is a recently restored, original and very rare oil on canvas piece from 1967. The two other artworks are among the new limited edition prints on canvas. The auction will be held at Millon Auction House in...
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Art in Networks — The GDR and its Global Relations

It is hardly known that the GDR’s (German Democratic Republic) network of contacts and exchange relationships in the field of visual art and architecture spanned almost the entire globe. Forms of this contact could be, for example, exhibition cooperations, artists’ trips, or student exchanges. Against this background, a broad transcultural perspective on artistic production in...
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Exhibition: A People by the Sea – Narratives of the Palestinian Coast / Extended until 31th October

The Palestinian Museum 29 September 2021 – 31 October 2022 Guest curator: Inass YassinAssistant curator: Ahmad Al-Aqra’ A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast sheds light on the history of the Palestinian coast. It considers possible futures by reviewing and reflecting on past experiences. Starting from the mid-18th century and ending in...
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Exhibition / Northern Wind: Art from the Haifa Museum’s Collection

A north wind blows through the collection of Haifa Museum of Art. The museum’s location in the city of Haifa is reflected in its collection, which contains many works by artists based in Haifa and the north, attesting to Haifa’s unique identity: as a port city, the relation to immigrants and refugees repeatedly surfaces in...
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Auction: Middle East Modern and Contemporary / Paris

Venue: Millon Auction House / Paris / France Spécialité Art Contemporain et ModerneVente Middle-east Moderne & Contemporain le 5 juillet 2022 à 16h00 SALONS DU TROCADERO – 5, avenue d’Eylau 75116 Paris painting Information: Abed ABDI (Palestine, 1942) Bazaar in Jerusalem Vieux bazar de Jérusalem Huile sur panneau40 x 58 cmPeint en 1967Signé et daté...
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Group Exhibition: Nothing Good Will Come Of It

on Thursday 9/6/22, a new international exhibition will open at the Pyramida Gallery – residence for contemporary art in Haifa, In collaboration with Gschaleria Wschodnia Gallery in Lodz, Poland. We’re sure something good shall come out of it…. The title refers to the reality in which we operate, a state of disruption and stress, lack...
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WEDNESDAY 8 JUNE 2022 | DOHA | 7:00PM AUCTION AND VIEWING LOCATIONALBAHIE AUCTION HOUSE | KATARA | BUILDING 22C VIEWING1 June – 8 June 2022Weekdays | 8:00am – 6:00pmWeekends | by appointment Download the catalog
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Talk at the Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum celebrated the artist, Abed Abdi, through a dialogue held at the Museum between the artist and Museum Director General Adila Laïdi-Hanieh, PhD. This dialogue is part of a series of activities accompanying the exhibition “A People by the Sea”, in which the artist has participated with three of his artworks.The celebration of...
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