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Figure from Jericho (version 2), 2018

TechnologyWood Engraving Print on fine thick paper
Limited Edition5 prints in total
Artwork Classification“Limited edition” - Original works created in multiple with direct involvement of the artist.
Attributionsigned and numbered by Abed Abdi
catalogue no5466-67

Figure from Jericho (version 2), 2018

Jericho (/ˈɛrɪk/; Arabic: أريحاArīḥā [ʔaˈriːħaː] (About this soundlisten); Hebrew: יְרִיחוֹYeriḥo) is a city in the Palestinian Territories and is located near the Jordan River in the West Bank.  The city was occupied by Jordan from 1949 to 1967, and has been held under Israeli occupation since 1967; administrative control was handed over to the Palestinian Authority in 1994.[4][5] It is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world[6][7][8] and the city with the oldest known protective wall in the world.[9] It was thought to have the oldest stone tower in the world as well, but excavations at Tell Qaramel in Syria have discovered stone towers that are even older.[10][11]


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