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Homage to Lutfiyah, my sister in Al Yarmouk Camp

Homage to Lutfiyah, my sister in Al Yarmouk Camp

Paintings and Two-Dimensional Works

The current exhibition views Abdi’s creative work from a personal point of view, inquiring into his sensitivity to material qualities, the diverse usage of fabrics, building materials, personal and historical accessories which are present throughout his work along his artistic career.

In the current exhibition we have chosen to concentrate on three important bodies of work: works that portray fabrics, folds and tent wings; personal and political portraits; and drawers that carry personal as well as cultural secrets.


TitleHomage to Lutfiyah, my sister in Al Yarmouk Camp : Abed Abdi - paintings and two-dimensional works
CuratorDr. Ayelet Zohar
NotesCatalogue for the exhibition held at the Art Gallery, Beit HaGefen Arab Jewish Culture Center, Haifa, as part of the Arab Culture Festival, May-August 2013
Pages 97
PublisherBeit Hagefen Arab Jewish Culture Center
Book TypeHard Copy or E-book
Languages English, Arabic, Hebrew
Year of Publication2013
العنوان الى لطفية، شقيقتي في مخيم اللاجئين، اليرموك : عبد عابدي، رسومات وأعمال ثنائية الأبعاد، / المعرض- ؛ الكتالوج .
عنوان بديل الى لطفية
كتالوج معرض أقيم بين أيار-آب
Year of Publication2013
كانزة المعرض: أيلت زوهر
الناشر حيفا : بيت الكرمة، المركز العربي- اليهودي
Pages 97
Languages -الترجمة الى العربية والتحرير اللغوي: رؤى ترجمة ونشر ؛ النص الانجليزي والترجمة الى العبرية:
Titleמחווה ללוטפייה אחותי במחנה אל-ירמוכ : עבד עאבדי - ציורים ועבודות בדו-ממד, מאי-אוגוסט 2013 / תערוכה
Notesטלוג: טקסט אנגלי ותרגום לעברית: אילת זהר
Year of Publication2013
אוצרת: אילת זהר
Pages 97

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