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I Call To You All – Poem by Tawfiq Zayyad

Techniqueink and watercolor on paper
Size41*58 cm
Year1966 Germany
Location007 temp (no.27)

I call to you all - Poem by Tawfiq Zayyad

أناديكم ( من قصيدة لتوفيق زياد )

Tawfiq Ziad (Arabic: توفيق زيّاد‎, Hebrew: תאופיק זיאד‎, also spelt Tawfik Zayyad or Tawfeeq Ziad, 7 May 1929 – 5 July 1994) was a Palestinian politician well known for his “poetry of protest”.[1]

I call to you all:
I take your hand and hold it tightly.
I kiss the ground on which you place your feet.
I know that for you I would give my life.
My life I would give for you.

I offer you the light of my eyes,
The fire of my heart:
For this pain that I suffer
Is only a small part of your pain.

I never have sold my country
And I have been willing to serve,
To face the invader with steadfastness and courage,
An orphan willing to die.

Carrying my people on my shoulders,
You will see my flag raised high,
And a mountain clothed in the green of the olive branch
For those who will come after.
I call to you all!’