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Refugees (1967) Naksa Trilogy 2

TechnologyWood Engraving Print on fine thick paper
Limited Edition8 prints in total
Artwork Classification“Limited edition” - Original works created in multiple with direct involvement of the artist.
Size37 x 42 cm
Year1967 (2021 Reprint)
Attributionsigned and numbered by Abed Abdi
available7 prints

Refugees (1967) Naksa Trilogy 2

Naksa Day (Arabic: يوم النكسة‎, Yawm an-Naksa, meaning “day of the setback”) is the annual day of commemoration for the Palestinian people of the displacement that accompanied Israel‘s victory in the Six-Day War on 5 June 1967. As a result of the war, Israel took control of the Palestinian-populated West Bank and Gaza Strip, which were previously annexed by Jordan and controlled by Egypt, respectively.[1]


source: Wikipedia