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The Pillar of Friendship / Ironbridge

size70x70 cm
locationIronbridge / Uk

The Pillar of Friendship / Ironbridge - UK

I have participated in the International Blacksmith Workshop, which was organized by the British Arts Blacksmith Association (BABA), in England in June 2007. The participants were designers from various countries, such as Chile, Germany, Russia, and other countries. It was indeed an interesting and unique experience, where warm and kind relations had developed between the participants.

I have studied sculpting and designing in Germany during the 1960s, and I have visited many places in the world. However, this is the first time I found myself connecting with warm relations in England. The final art product was a conjunction of about 16 designs, with the title Communication and Friendship.

In my design, I used five units of iron (width 20cm, thickness 8mm) in a space of 70*70, reflecting flare. I imagine the flare as a harmonic connection reflected in space, or as a child who connects two iron boxes with a thread to express the connection with others.

As if the iron and other metals, reflects the relations between individuals and societies. I used rounded pieces made of glass (radius 20mm) as a special element for flare reflection, also because glass transmits the stream.

As a Palestinian coming from Israel, I was delighted to have the opportunity to engage with others, and projects as this one should occur more often, as joint creativity helps in bridging cultural differences for the sake of mutual understanding, friendship and a contribution for beauty and optimum. 

Work no. 1: Harmony

Size: 65 x 65
Materials: simplified steel
Sizes of the 4 components of the work:
2 components 2×8 cm
2 components 2×10 cm
thickness of the work: 8 mm
other materials needed for the completion of the work:
colorful glass bars, thickness 10mm
required amount: 60 cm

artistic concept of the work: harmony and waves, meeting and continuity…
impressions of the bridge in Ironbridge which was built 250 years ago

work no 2.: Plate

radial of the steel plate :60 cm
components of the work: 2 x steel plates 6 mm
thickness of the components of the frame: 10 mm
width of the frame: 3 cm
other materials needed for the completion of the work:
20 x colorful glass bullets, radial 20 mm
glass bars, radial 10 mm, length 60 cm

artistic concept of the work: Palestinian plate for home use

work no. 3: Fertility
radial of the steel plate: 60 cm
components of the work: steel plate 6 mm
thickness of the steel plate: 6 mm
other materials (surrounding the steel plate):
pipes, radial 10 mm. Amount of pipes: 10 meters
20 x colorful glass bullets 20 mm,
30 x colorful glass bullets 10 mm

artistic concept of the work: expansion is fertility, and a new composition for every being (womb)


source: Abed Abdi


The Pillar of Friendship built at the International Blacksmiths Event in Ironbridge in 2007. This artwork was installed in the City of Liverpool in 2008 as the centrepiece for Liverpool’s celebrations as the European City of Culture. It is currently on display at its place of origin, Ironbridge, Shropshire, the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

 projects organised by BABA in association with other blacksmithing organisations.

source: British Artists Blacksmiths Association – BABA