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On Abed Abdi’s Solo Exhibition “Between Two Worlds”

Introductory text from the exhibition catalog

Presented in this exhibition is an extraordinary collection of recent but unusual paintings by Abed Abdi, most of which have been created in the remote Hungarian village of Chokako. This remarkable showcase unveils captivating works of Abed Abdi, who hails from the vibrant city of Haifa in the Middle East, a place with a starkly different color palette, where the sea sparkles in shades of blue and the sky gleams in silver.

Despite the dramatic contrast between his place of origin and the village, Abed’s artistic brilliance knows no bounds. These paintings were born from his repeated stays in the wine-growing village, where he embraced a new artistic direction that diverged from his usual style. Instead of seeking to capture the social and political realities of his native land, Abed’s attention in these artworks turns to the picturesque landscapes of the village.

Through these artworks, Abed skillfully brings to life the enchanting beauty of the landscape, depicting the fields before and after the harvest, the charming village houses, and the breathtaking scenery of the mountains. What sets these works apart is the tranquil ambiance, and Abed’s masterful use of colors, reminiscent of the ever-changing nature of the environment. His palette captures the thousand shades of green and yellow that reflect the constantly blowing gentle wind, which moves the clouds and alters the play of light in mesmerizing ways.

On display is Abed Abdi’s exceptional ability to find inspiration and create masterpieces that transcend geographical boundaries. With every brushstroke, he connects two seemingly distant worlds, inviting us to see the harmony and beauty that can be found in the diversities of nature and life. Let the colors and artistry transport you to new realms of contemplation and appreciation.

The exhibition also showcases a distinctive set of artworks, also crafted at the picturesque village. However, these pieces diverge from the scenic landscapes of the village and instead delve into the subjects that have long haunted Abed Abdi’s artistic pursuits, such as refugees and asylum, war and peace, and other related themes.

What makes this particular collection intriguing is the artist’s innovative use of color with those themes. Abed’s color palette brings a fresh and captivating perspective to these profound and thought-provoking subjects. Despite being far from the original context of these themes, Abed’s surroundings in the village seem to have inspired a new artistic exploration, breathing life into these significant issues with vibrant and expressive hues.

As you journey through this segment of the exhibition, you will witness the artist’s masterful ability to infuse emotion and meaning into his compositions, all the while resonating with the viewer on a profound level. Through his art, Abed Abdi invites us to contemplate the universality of human experiences and the complexities of the world we inhabit. Most of the artworks on display depict poignant scenes of sorrowful figures, tormented by the ravages of war and displacement. The profound expressions captured in vibrant colors compel us to confront the harsh realities of the human condition.

The juxtaposition of the serene surroundings of the village with these distressing themes creates a powerful and unforgettable visual contrast.
dr. Amir A. Abdi, curator of the exhibition

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The exhibition is on view daily between 10:00 and 18:00 from the 10th of May until the 25th of May 2024.

Károlyi Palace, Fehérvárcsurgó, Petőfi u. 2, Hungary.

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