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Limited Edition Print GUARANTEE POLICY

We refuse to compromise on quality!


limited Edition Status: Guarantees

Print Quality Guarantees: Gliclé Printing

Print Quality Guarantees: The Canvas

Originality of Print: Authenticity guarantees

Print Quality Guarantees: Cruse® Art Scan

Print Quality Guarantees: Protective Coating

All Prints Are Signed And Numbered By The Artist

Artwork reproduction made with full and active involvement of the artist, Abed Abdi.

print quality GUARANTEES


A Giclée art print’s key authenticating element is the artist’s own handwritten signature, similar to all painted or drawn arts. Numbering each copy of an edition is also very important. A printed image of the signature and/or logotype of the artist is accepted and more common on new digital editions of photography and computer arts.

All of our prints are signed and numbered by Abed Abdi. In addition, Certificates are also signed by the publisher.


Our Limited Edition Policy is strict and serious, enforced both by the artist and by the publisher.

Print Quality guarantees


All our limited edition prints on canvas are accompanied by a special certificate.

The certificate is the license letter made for the art print. It contains the identification data of the print and the edition, including a statement by the artist and the publisher that no more copies will be printed as described. The certificate records the printing dates of the first and the current copy.

In addition, all limited edition prints made by our publisher are registered. We register all printed copies of editions to ensure the continuous numbering and control of the work.

All prints on canvas are also accompanied with a specially coded holographic sticker. A matching holographic sticker correlating to the associated certificate is placed on the back of every edition. The sticker shows the logo of our publisher and a serial number.

Our certificates are designed with special graphic objects used on banknotes. They show all information about the print and the edition in English and hold the signatures of the artist and the representative of our Publisher together with their stamp and holographic sticker.

Produced With The Most Modern Techniques

Giclée inkjet printing is a cooperation of the artist and the printmaker, which allows the artist to control every part of the printmaking process.


Gliclé Printing

Produced with the most modern techniques, Giclée prints are the highest quality prints, used by artists to make individual or low-run reproductions of original or  (two or three-dimensional)  artwork.

True Giclée prints are produced with a very high resolution (1200dpi minimal to 2400 dpi) and are printed with precious archival inks on acid-free materials. The canvas and papers have been provided with a layer (coating), which ensures that the inks will not degrade.

The output is displayed on a Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers. The current leading Lucia 4 ink technology helps us to achieve brilliant color space, superb color accuracy, excellent color graduation, longevity and fade-resistance. The printers use twelve colors with a droplet size of 4 pictoliterss (1 picoliter = 1 trillionth of a liter). The print heads contain 2560 nozzles for each colors providing as high resolution as 2400 dots per inch. The printers can handle cut sheets in A4, A3, A3+ sizes or 24″ (61 cm), 36″ (91 cm), 44″ (111 cm) and 60″ (152 cm) wide rolls.


Professionalism is a Strategic Choice

To create our fine art prints, we use the latest and highest quality printing system and selected materials.



The Canvas

The canvas used for all of our limited edition prints are manufactured by Breathing Color ®,  a Texas-based inkjet media manufacturer specializing in traditional artists’ canvas and archival inkjet media.

We use the Lyve Matte Canvas ®, which sets the standard for premium inkjet canvas. It’s OBA free yet bright white surface prevents the yellowing that commonly ruins lesser canvas prints due to UV light exposure. Paired with the correct ICC profile Lyve’s patented inkjet coating enables you to print blacks dark enough to lose your keys in, and to reproduce the unique and vibrant colors often found on a painters palette. With a 100 years blue wool certification by the fine art trade guild, you can confidently state that your fine art canvas prints will last for generations. (view certificate)

As an evolution beyond the Chromata White matte canvas that put Breathing Color® on the map, Lyve Matte® Canvas is what all other premium canvas is modeled after. With all of these features united into one product, Lyve matte  ®canvas online is our chemists pride and joy and a favorite among print makers around the world.  

Capturing Reality

The Cruse scanner ® was developed to make the process of art reproduction easier, safer, without compromising in quality.



Reproduction of artworks can be very complex and messy, that is why we have chosen the best technology available out there. CRUSE ®, based in Wachtberg near Bonn Germany, has been manufacturing scanners for the highest standards since 1979. As the global leader in quality, they have always been committed to their standards of quality and reliability.  

Their scanners are ideally suited for use in the decor and ceramics industry, as well as a proven tool for archives, museums, and art reproduction. 

With the Portal Scanner series, we are able to scan very large originals in high resolution and homogeneous illumination. Through orthoscopic imaging, we guarantee distortion-free digitization of originals in sizes of more than 2 m (78 in) in both dimensions.

The original is scanned in strips using so-called portal technology, and these strips are stitched together in real time. This is made possible by consistently having high precision in both the optics and in the driving movements. The scanning processes and the portal technology are fully automated and do not require any user intervention.


Protective Varnish

To protect the surface of all our limited edition pints on canvas, we use Breathing Color Timeless Overprint Varnish ®(Gloss, Satin or Matte). 

Formulated to pair with Breathing Color ® matte canvas and fine art paper, Timeless® is the ultimate liquid varnish for archival certified prints.  Rapid dry technology and no dilution required makes Timeless® a perfect partner to HVLP systems. Timeless® adds much needed water resistance.

UV protected to prevent yellowing and fading.