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Should you have any inquiries or difficulties during your shopping, do not hesitate to contact our customer support staff for live chat. Please click on the blue box at right side of the page to start a live chat.


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If live support is not available or too busy, kindly leave us a  message and we will make sure that you will be served very shortly.


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How to Shop

Our limited edition prints are displayed at various locations throughout the website. The prices and title of artworks are displayed under the image of the artwork. By clicking on the image “read more” message will appear. By clicking on that you will be redirected to the product page of the selected artwork. That page contains all available information on the print, including the number of prints in the edition, the available sizes and their exact prices, stock status and more.

If you wish to purchase a print, you need to pick the desired size first, and then click on add to cart button. The product will be added to your cart automatically. You can view the status of your cart at the bottom of page or by clicking on the cart image at the top menu.

When you are finished with shopping, you should go to your cart page, and proceed with checkout procedure. You must follow the instructions provided by the program during your cart checkout. You must provide your name, address, bank card information, validity, telephone number, etc. The information you provide must be accurate, valid and true. Please double check all info you enter.

Taxes and shipping costs will be added automatically based on the address you provide for shipping your print. Please fill out your address to see the exact amount you will have to pay for the shipping and for the tax.

Customs and Taxes

Upon delivery, Buyer may be required to pay customs duties and/or taxes to his own state!


Accepted Payment Modes

The prints shop accepts Visa and MasterCard payments. Additionally, you may pay by PayPal. You may also pay with the following crypto currencies: Bitcoin or Ethereum. Please select your favored option at checkout.

Age restrictions

you must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to shop on this website. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

When will my shipment arrive?

approximately within 8 business days from time of order.

Is the 30% discount applicable to all Abed Abdi prints?

The discount is only applicable to the prints offered for sale in the prints shop which includes a price tag. Not all prints in the shop are subject to the discount. If a print is offered at a discount, then the product will have a “sale” badge attached.
For information about prints not featured in the shop, please leave us a message.

Return Policy (summary)

You may return the print purchased at this shop not later than 14 days after the receipt of your package. Return shipping costs are paid by you, and the return shipping must be made through FedEx company. If you live in Israel or in Palestine, then you may return the print differently. See the page on cancellation, return and refunds for more information on this.

Refund Policy (Summary)

The prints shop will refund the amount you have paid no later than within 14 days from the day your returned print reaches us at the specified return address. No Administrative cost will be deduced from your balance. See the cancellation, return and refund page for more information.

Privacy Policy (Summary)

We will only use your information when sending you the shipment and processing your payment. Your privacy is protected on this site. we will keep all information entered into the form confidential.
We will never share your information with anyone, unless we are required to do so under law. Please see the privacy policy through the Terms and Conditions page.

No Spam Policy

We will never send you spam mail or other advertising unless you specifically subscribe to our Newsletter sent occasionally by email.

Accepted Languages

you may fill out the form in English, Arabic or Hebrew. Please click on the flag of the language that you prefer on the left side at top of page to switch the language of this form and of the entire page.

What happens if my shipment does not arrive?

Shipping via FedEx is highly secure and precise, and your shipment will arrive! However, if anything unexpected happens on the way from our publisher to your address, then FedEx will send you a notice, and instructions to resolve the issue. Usually, shipment could be delayed by customs of your country. If it is blocked there, then FedEx will help you resolve the issue with the customs. If your package is lost or damaged due to shipping for some unexpected reason, then FedEx will compensate our publisher. That means you will get back the price you paid, and the cost of shipping too. Please refer to FedEx pages on this subject, linked at the Shipping and Delivery page.

Live Support Hours

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