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Group Exhibition: Bad taste, the fiftieth year of the occupation / Minus 1 Gallery

curator, Efrat Livny
Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv
2 June – 29 July , 2017

Online exhibition catalog: Minus 1 Gallery

participating artists, Abed Abdi, Farid Abu Shakra, Ron Amir [and 25 others]

2 June, 2017 – 26 August, 2017

Abu Shakra, Farid  |  Geva, Tsibi  |  Berest, Deganit  |  Ben David, Arnon  |  Ashkar, Anisa  |  Getter, Tamar  |  Amir, Ron  |  Abadi, Abed  |  Nes, Adi  |  Nubani, Ibrahim  |  Lupo, Liron  |  Kna’an, Ahmed  |  Halak, Michael  |  Hattab, Raafat  |  Wolberg, Pavel  |  Waked, Sharif  |  Heiman, Meirav  |  Hoffman, Thalia  |  Gershuni, Moshe  |  Kuperminz, Yoram  |  Shenhav, Dina  |  Reeb, David  |  Raz, Guy  |  Kratsman, Miki  |  

curator: Efrat Livni
catalogue: Hebrew text editing, Avner Shapira
Arabic translation, Yasmeen Daher
English translation, Ralph Mandel
English text editing, Carol Cook.

image by Gallery Minus 1, Tel Aviv
image by Gallery Minus 1, Tel Aviv
image by Gallery Minus 1, Tel Aviv

Commentary on the exhibition:

Tel Aviv Art Show Exposes the Aesthetic of the Occupation

It’s rare to see an exhibition in which equal weight is given to both the Palestinian-Israeli narrative and the Jewish-Israeli one

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