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Alkhadir (Elijah) Returns no.2

Techniqueoil on canvas
Size90 x 120 cm

مجنون حيفاه ،،،

زيت على قماش ( ايلوستراسية من العام 1980اعيد صياغتها بالألوان ) This painting revisits an older illustration in black and white from 1980
Al-Khidr, the Legendary Immortal Prophet, Mystic, Trickster and Sea Spirit in ancient Islamic legend, there exists the wonderful, contrary figure of Al-Khiḍr, an immortal prophet who kills a youth out of mercy and who scuttles a boat of some travelers to deny the greed of a king. He is described as God’s special servant, a protector, trickster, saint, and mystic, who has been identified with various ancient deities. The roots of Khiḍr, also known as Khadir, go back to the earliest Muslim text, the Quran, in which he accompanies Moses as a servant of God. But because he is immortal, Khiḍr is said to have appeared to other Muslims through the centuries. Some scholars maintain that the character of Khiḍr is much older than Islam itself and that his roots lie in Utnapishtim of ancient Mesopotamia, or in the Canannanite god Kothar-wa-Khasis, or even the Zoroastrian water goddess Anahita. Khiḍr has been identified with the Christians’ St. George and with Elijah of the Bible.

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