The Violence of Attendance … The Violence Of Stay!

A layer of sand lying randomly on a flat surface of cloth carrying a sea flavor almost inhaled from the fingers of the artist, who decorated the sand with some pieces of ceramics and stones that he had collected from different places from around the world to create a new world of his own, and alone!

 – Remains of mosaics – ruins of the palace of Minya, north of Tiberias

Mixed materials on canvas

And does not shout at the colonizer who robbed the land and history, but the daily landscape that disappears from our eyes in our experienced runner in front of the miserable momentum. From the civilization of the dollar and the shikal!

  This artistic tampering with the feelings of the viewer opens up on a small piece that does not take up much of the square shape but has the most artistic space. Is actually a small piece that disappears by chance or by accident to show you another square painted in the colors emanating from its primitive elements to evoke a piece of mosaic dating back to the period of the former Umayyad era …

Here is the historical scene of an Islamic civilization that has already begun in this geographical place called Palestine since the beginning of the formation of Islamic civilization to create a historical scene as if it had become extinct … The Palestinian artist, the son of Haifa, comes back to reformulate his rule here, To the historical place, and out of the cultural awareness of what is happening here on the artistic scene and the creative cultural scene, which is struggling to survive in memory and in the general aesthetic consciousness …..

  This hidden violence in a painting is the violence of the audience … it is the violence of survival … It is also in itself, the violence of non-collusion with many Muslims, perhaps many of our artists and artists have not found a solution yet!

By: Dr. Hosny Al – Khatib Shehadeh

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