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6 artists to present their work at Ramallah Art Fair 

With more than 150 artworks on show, including the below pieces, the Ramallah Art Fair kicks off on Dec. 6 and will run until Feb. 15. 

  • Abed Abdi Artist Abed Abdi’s “Icarus” will be on show at the fair. The artist is known for his monumental works in public spaces that commemorate Palestinian modern history.
  • Yazan Abusalamah  The artist’s “Land IV” will be on display for visitors to enjoy, alongside other works that showcase his modern style. 
  • Mahdi Baraghithi Mahdi Baraghithi is a visual artist who explores the representation of masculinity and the male body in Arab societies, including in this untitled piece. 
  • Rafat Asad Asad started as an abstract painter, but has seen his work evolve to focus on the Palestinian landscape, such as this untitled piece. 
  • Nabil Anani Nabil Anani is a key founder of the contemporary Palestinian art movement and was awarded the prestigious King Abdallah II Arab World Prize for Fine Art in 2006. His “A View from Ramallah” series will be on show at the fair. 
  • Bashar Alhroub Alhroub works with a variety of media including photography, video installation, drawings and paintings. This untitled work is set to go on show at the fair.

Source: Arab News

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