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Memorial Monument at Kafr Kana

LocationKafr Kana

Memorial Monument at Kafr Kana

The memorial monument at Kafr Kana, createad by Abed Abdi in 1999 to commemorate all the martyrs of the village since 1936.

“…Unveiled in September 2000, the monument was built at the main entrance of the villlage near the new mosque. Since its establishment, it has functioned as a gathering point for events with national significance: Land day ceremonies, ceremonies to memorialize the events of October 2000, and political demonstrations…

The monument was built as a round plaza with a wall on its eastern side and a stone column in its center. The martyrs names are listed on the wall…..Human figures are absent,  not only as a result of purely artistic decision….

—-The list of names is headed by the BismAllah Islamic opening and the most famous verse on martyrs (3:169):”And reckon not those who are killed for Allah’s way as dead, nay, they are alive”.

The poem of the Palestinian poet Ahmad Dahbour, on the square column in the center of the plaza…titled “We Died for Kafr Kana to Live”…. The last lines of the short poem bound national and local pain and pride: “This monument begins from us/we wrote our motherland by wound”


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