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Sotheby’s / Palestinian Art in the Aftermath of War

Abed Abdi was born in Palestine in 1942. At the age of six he became a refugee, wandering from one refugee camp to another between Lebanon and Syria.
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In Controversial New Exhibit ‘1948,’ Fusing Palestinian and Jewish Narratives

A Haifa art show presents work by both Jews and Palestinians depicting the ongoing trauma of the 1948 war Naama Riba, Haaretz The festive decorations adorning Ben-Gurion Boulevard outside the Haifa City Museum stand in contrast to the deep wound at the heart of the new art exhibition within. “1948” is a display of works...
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Culture of Memory: The Holocaust and the Nakba Images in the Works of Lea Grundig and Abed Abdi

by Tal Ben-Zvi https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.7312/bash18296.14 This chapter, titled Part III The Holocaust and the Nakba:The Deployment of Traumatic Signifiers, revolves around an exceptional encounter between a woman who was one of the first painters of the Holocaust events and a man who had been, for many years, one of the most important authors of Nakba iconography....
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The Holocaust and the Nakba: A New Grammar of Trauma and History

Edited by Bashir Bashir and Amos Goldberg. Foreword by Elias Khoury. Afterword by Jacqueline Rose. Columbia University Press, Pub Date: November 2018 In this groundbreaking book, leading Arab and Jewish intellectuals examine how and why the Holocaust and the Nakba are interlinked without blurring fundamental differences between them. While these two foundational tragedies are often...
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Story of a painting

In the painting “Father on the Background of Displacement from Haifa April 22nd, 1948” Abed Abdi reconstructs through his and his family’s personal experience the traumatic historical event of the Palestinian people: The Nakba. In 1948, Abdi who was born and lives in Haifa, was uprooted with his mother to Lebanon, where they spent four...
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Tel Aviv Art Show Exposes the Aesthetic of the Occupation

It’s rare to see an exhibition in which equal weight is given to both the Palestinian-Israeli narrative and the Jewish-Israeli one Ouzi Zur, Haaretz Newspaper Jul 13, 2017 The first time I came to the group exhibition “Bad Taste: The Fiftieth Year of the Occupation,” red-and-white ribbons blocked the entrance to Minus1 Gallery in Tel...
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Traces of the Nakba

Penny Johnson Raja Shehadeh Jerusalem Quarterly Issue 80 – Winter 2019 Review of Exhibition: “1948,” Haifa City Museum, 4 December 2018–28 April 2019. On Ben Gurion Street in Haifa’s Germany Colony, banners flutter in the wind. Emblazoned on them is simply a date: 1948. The Haifa City Museum – an official municipal museum – was...
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Traces of a red haifa: a study on the visual culture of Palestinian / Israeli society through cartoons and illustrations by the Palestinian artist Abed Abdi (1972-1982)

Masters Thesis by Figueiredo, Carolina Ferreira de Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas This work aims to analyze the visual culture presented in Israel and Palestine during the 1970s and 1980s, through the unique interaction between the images spectrum and the political struggle in Palestine. The study is...
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On barely scratching the surface of art and politics in Israel / Exhibition Review

by ArtReview I spent last week in Israel, my first-ever trip to that country, and I had intended to write this, and subsequent posts, for ArtReview while there. By the end of my first day, I quickly came to terms with the impossibility of such a task. Leaving one’s hotel each morning at nine and...
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Palestinian Artist Dedicates Exhibition To Sister Living In Syrian Refugee Camp

Palestinian artist pays tribute to his sister, who has lived in a Syrian refugee camp for more than 60 years, through his artwork. In his exhibition ‘Homage to Lutfiyah’, Palestinian artist Abed Abdi pays tribute to his sister who has lived in Syrian refugee camps for over 60 years. Abdi’s sister Lutfiyah has been a...
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