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Saint Veronica of Palestine and the face of my grandfather, Naif Al-Hajj

Techniqueacrylic and mixed media on paper
Size70 x77 cm
LocationPC / CA US
Catalogued inHomage to Lutfia
القديسة فيرونيكا ووجه جدي نايف الحاج ( اكرام لشقيقتي لطفيه في مخيم اليرموك ) اكريلك ومواد مختلفة على ورق ،

In the context of human figure and fabric, Abdi draws a specific allusion to the Christian tradition of St. Veronica.6 Such is the image of Veronica of Palestine (image of Grandfather Nayef al-Haj) (fig. 11), in which the old man’s portrait floats over an image of veiled women weeping behind barbed wire. Saint Veronica is the Christian name of the woman of Jerusalem who wiped the face of Christ with a veil while he was on his way to Calvary.

According to tradition, the cloth was imprinted with the image of Christ’s face. A comparison to Domenico Fetti’s image (fig. 12) reveals the similarities of this sorrowful and painful experience. While for St. Veronica the absorption of Jesus’ sweat and eventually his facial impression created a holy moment of faith and trust, Abdi’s image is a moment of passion and suffering, impressed through the image of the old man, literally attached to the weeping women›s anguish.

Text by: Dr. Ayelet Zohar

Exhibition History:

2013: Abed Abdi, “Homage to Lutfia, My Sister in Yarmouk Camp – Paintings and Two-Dimensional Work, Beit Hagefen Gallery in Haifa.

Cataloged in:

2013 Abed Abdi, “Homage to Lutfia, My Sister in Yarmouk Camp (in English, Hebrew and Arabic) :



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